Saturday, September 17, 2005

We've Got Crabs!

Cousin Chris' Tiki Porch

Aunt Hazel's got crabs.

All grandpa's children got crabs (Left: Terry, Aunt Gladys, Aunt Hazel, Bonnie. Right: Maria, Zina, mom)

Now that's a crab.

Now that's a claw.

Tear the meat out the sucka!

Cousin Chris the cook

Cousin Kara


Mom said...

Hey, those are great pictures. Today was a great day and the food was even greater. Thanks for the pictures, your Dad loved them.

Your Mom said...

Oh, forgot, just got back from the Lyle Lovett Concert "FANTASTIC". They entertained for 2hours and 45 minutes. Lyle never left the stage.
And the band was "LARGE", 17 members.

Susan in St. Paul said...

yep, you got crabs, looks real good even from here.

What do you do with the Saltine crackers?

Popeye said...

Yum. Save me one. I'll be down for lunch.

Laurie said...

Mom - I have more pictures. I'll make you a CD.

Mom #2 - I'm glad you liked Lyle Lovett. He's got a great voice.

Susan - Put the fresh boiled crabmeat on them with a little homemade Remoulade sauce and some Tabasco. Yum yum!!

Popeye - Too late, dude. :)

sleepybomb said...

you are the biggest food tease after danno ... these mock-shrimp po-boys are making me thirsty. oh yeah, your cousin chris looks exactly like my bro-in-law mark. the resembalance made s.a. blow wine from her nose. that was pretty funny too ...
damn crabs we ain't gettin' ...