Monday, September 05, 2005

Updates on Zoo, Aquarium and French Quarter

A generator has apparently stopped working at the aquarium. Here's the link.

Here is a link regarding the zoo.

Here is another link regarding the zoo.

Don't forget to check in on Wang Chi's blog. He has some fabulous links and stories about the amazing people who live in the French Quarter.

(I called the doctor this morning and he called in a prescription for my shoulder which my lovely son picked up for me before they headed back to Houston. I should feel better shortly and, if my past steroid consumption is any indication, I will be quite prolific for the next few days.

Until then though, brilliance might come from pain but I'm too much of a pussy to find out. Talk to you tomorrow.)


Lorna said...

I'm sure I wished you a happy birthday and a happy blogiversary, but maybe not. In which case, I'll go flog myself severely. It would be very bad form to have forgotten. Sorry about the shoulder---aren't you supposed to rest it? Doesn't that not go with prolific blogging? Don't I not know how to use double negatives?

LG said...

What are you doing with that shoulder? When you move furniture, do you lower your head and drive your shoulder through it like an offensive guard? Edgar Allan Poe also used a sort of "steroid" during his writings, perhaps you'll blog the story of the Tell Tale Shoulder... (that was weak, but it's late and the lorcet and soma are having their effect on me.) LG

Jack said...

Better check my latest before sending folks my way.

Laurie said...

Lorna - I'm sure you wished me happy birthday, too. My blogiversary isn't until October but I'll take early well-wishes wherever I can get them. I am supposed to rest the shoulder, but after the steroids, I tend to get creative. Too bad they can kill you.

LG - I have freakishly strong upper body strength for some reason which causes me to tend to overdo with toting that barge and lifting that bale. I think I've learned my lesson. Tell Tale Shoulder! Hahahah, that's not lame, that's funny!

Wang Chi - I LOVED your latest post. The Simpsons writers and genius.