Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dad would be so pissed and an interesting fact

Dad would be so pissed
When dad pulled us in individually to speak to us before he passed, in typical Ransonette fashion, it was all about practical matters. We shared our emotions as a group, but the important stuff (important to him) was emphasized in individual conversations.

One of his biggest requests was that he didn't want a lot of media coverage. Well, that didn't happen and, I swear to you, every time a reporter or television station would call yesterday it would either thunder or start raining harder.

Sorry, dad. Not our fault.

Interesting fact
Did you know that it's possible to cry and brush your teeth at the same time? I didn't. Maybe it's the Xanax. Ah, the miracles of modern medicine.


Donna said...

Delete Comment From: In Laurie's Brain...

Blogger Donna said...

I understand your dad's humility. It's the great part of who he was, BUT I'm personally glad that this one didn't get by the media. We hear so many horrible stories and read about all the evil in the world...how nice that they are remembering to honor the good. Sorry Red, we just think more of you than that...and BTW send a replacement soon!

Gnightgirl said...

Ah darling, you break my heart with the tooth-brushing fact. I do most of my crying while I'm driving, there probably should be a law against it. Go buy yourself some pretty little hankies and cry your heart out.

beckins_5125 said...

yep. i KNEW that. LOL
i also know that, at a time like this....xanax IS YOUR FRIEND!!

Susan in St. Paul said...

Your dad was a public person who touched many lives, limited media coverage was probably not possible.

Yes, I knew that. There are all sorts of things you can do while crying, including not realize you are crying. It could be the Xanax, but you do have good reason to be crying, so might as well go with it.

Ambein seems to help sleeping without crying, but I won't take it more than 5 days in a row.


Lorna said...

sweetie, you're not supposed to brush your teeth with Xanax. Not even to make your dad laugh

Laurie said...

You guys are so wonderful and Lorna, you made me laugh out loud on that one. Not just an LOL. A really big laugh out loud.

Jack said...

More things to annoy Jingles:

Houston Chronicle: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ap/tx/6642736.html

Dallas Morning News: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/APStories/stories/D9B11MAG0.html

Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: http://www.star-telegram.com/448/story/1643536.html

KRIS TV (Corpus Christi): http://www.kristv.com/Global/story.asp?S=11222995

KLTV (Tyler): http://www.kltv.com/Global/story.asp?S=11223835

KLBJ (Austin): http://www.590klbj.com/News/Story.aspx?id=1145353

USA Today (Galveston): http://content.usatoday.com/topics/article/Places,+Geography/Towns,+Cities,+Counties/Galveston/04MUeged5qcQQ/2

KSLA (Shreveport): http://www.ksla.com/Global/story.asp?S=11222912

KSWO (Lawton, OK): http://www.kswo.com/Global/story.asp?S=11222912

Denver Post: http://www.denverpost.com/obituaries/ci_13443967

Mercury News (San Jose, CA): http://www.mercurynews.com/obituaries/ci_13443967?nclick_check=1

Oakland Tribune: http://www.insidebayarea.com/obituaries/ci_13443967

And you're not going to believe this, but the "word verification" word is "topstro". I guess he could have switched the "r" and the "o" and stuck a "y" on the end, but that would be too obvious.

Dick said...


I was sorry to learn about your Dad. As for all the stories, I am glad the recounting of his life received such wide coverage. It is always wonderful to hear of people who bring joy and have an abiding care for humanity and their community. Most of these stories did a good job of revealing the qualities shown by your father and those who loved and appreciated him.

Laurie said...

Jack, that is so strange to all of us. Amazing.

Dick, sorry I missed you at the services. See you soon.

Barbara said...

May God wrap you and yours in arms of comfort.