Monday, September 14, 2009

Dad (and mom) Update

Just got back from the hospital. Mom and the nurse were up with dad all night because he still has diarrhea. The other tests show his blood work improving and dad's oncologist isn’t concerned about the slight rise in dad’s bilirubin count. They are still on the quest to get the diarrhea under control.

Dad’s much more coherent than he was yesterday after the Ativan episode (talking in his sleep, thought he was in Houston if they spoke to him right after he woke up). They had given him Ativan to help him sleep because he was coughing and didn't have orders for any type of cough syrup. Seems like they could have given him a Tylenol PM or something rather than making the grand leap to Ativan, but what do I know?

The CT scan they did this morning shows the lymphoma tumor is shrinking. I guess I should have led with that wonderful information, right? We're very happy about that.

Mom left this morning to go home and get some rest. She called me while I was at the hospital to tell me she decided to stop and see her doctor because she's very tired (duh.) and has a slight cough. He told her she has bronchitis. She has to wear a mask when she’s in the room with dad.

Also, her car is acting up so she’s bringing it to Toyota at 1:30 p.m. then going back up to be with dad. That’s all for now.

Hang in there, mom. Everybody is praying for you, too.

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