Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dad, Cracked Crappers and a Stray Dog

Dad Update
Dad's making steady improvement. He requested a Checker's hot dog for supper which I gladly provided. Hopefully, we're still on a path for him to go home sometime this week.

Cracked Crapper
My toilet tank in my downstairs bathroom is cracked. The good news is that it didn't crack completely and flood my downstairs. The other good news is that I have a home warranty, so it'll only cost $60 to get it fixed.

The bad news is that I have a home warranty, so the process to get anything done is a little more complicated than not having a home warranty. However, I had the guy who came out today to check out the cracked crapper shut the water off to the toilet so that even if the tank cracks completely, I won't have water everywhere.

Stray Dog
When I was going back to work after meeting with the plumber, I saw a stray dog wandering down Calder Avenue a few blocks from my house. There's a leash law in Beaumont, so when a dog is out wandering around it means that somebody is missing a dog.

The unusual thing about this particular dog was that it was in complete compliance with the law...it still had its leash around its neck. He also looked perfectly happy to be out and about without whoever was supposed to be on the other end of the leash. He had a big silly dog grin on his face as he trotted down the street.

I considered turning around to see if he would get in my car so I could check his tags or something, but then I decided that if I picked him up, I might interfere with whatever dog plan he had and really get him confused and lost.

Godspeed, Mr. Doggy. I hope you found whatever you were looking for.


Lorna said...

You're all heart, except the middle story

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

have a friend lucky enough to have a house on lake lbj in austin (granite shoals). their downstairs toilet cracked while they were at their 'real house' in katy. they didn't get back to the lake for 2 weeks -- needless to say when they did it was not a pretty site. basically had to gut the entire bottom floor. even with all you're having to deal with, i'm glad nothing like this happened to you. as much as you've been gone and taking care of everyone else that would be the last thing you would need to deal with.

glad to hear jingles is jangling again. will keep the prayers coming. wonder what all the saints think when i say "and i offer this decade for jingles"? LOL! i know i should use his real name but to me he'll always be jingles.

Susan in St. Paul said...

Great news about your dad, hopefully he will be home soon.

I didn't know about home warranty insurance but now I do, cool!

Wow, a law abiding dog ;-)

Laurie said...

Thanks, guys, and thanks for the prayers for Jingles. :)