Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dad Update and I am the Guardian Angel of Parking Garages

Dad Update
I stayed with dad today (and will tomorrow) so my mom can be with her sister (our Aunt Gladys) at our cousin Alan's funeral.

It was a pretty uneventful day, which is a fabulous thing in Hospital World. Dad's test results continue to improve and he still feels fine from his chemo yesterday and is eating well.

Funniest quote of the day is from dad: "Oops. I made a fraudulent slip." He meant to say "Freudian slip." Pretty funny.

Yes, I am STILL a Nice Person
A few weeks ago, I helped an elderly man find his way to his doctor's office after I left the hospital from visiting dad. (Read about it here.) Today, I couldn't find a parking place anywhere and, as I drove around the parking garage, I noticed a lady who obviously couldn't find her car.

Parking garages confuse me, so it took me a while to circle around and find her again. When I did, I asked her if I could do anything. She said, "My husband is having a heart attack and I don't remember where I parked my car."

I said, "Get in my car and I'll drive you around until we find it."

As she reached for my car door handle, she looked over the top of my car and her face filled with relief. "There it is," she said. "Thank you."

I am the guardian angel of parking garages. Who knew?


Susan in St. Paul said...

Great Dad news, and you are a simply wonderful GA Laurie!

Peter said...

Your Dads health has been ongoing for what seems like forever Laurie, I can only guess how long it seems to you and the family, stay strong.

Laurie said...

Thanks, Susan.

Yes, Peter. Dad's been in and out of the hospital since July. I know you can relate. Thanks for your kind thoughts.