Friday, September 18, 2009

Dad Update and a Joke from the Oncologist

Dad Update
Dad's oncologist came in early this morning and told us that dad's blood clots in his lungs should dissolve completely on the medication he is prescribing. Dad also has a small spontaneous pneumothorax (5%) which is air between one of his lungs and his chest cavity. This is probably what is causing his pain and they do not know what caused the pneumothorax. His pain is being effectively managed and he is not in a lot of discomfort. He has had some low blood pressure off and on today, but that is probably a result of the pain medication.

Dad ate well today and has less diarrhea. He also had physical therapy today and his legs are a little stronger. The doctor told us that if he continues to do better, but is not well enough (strong enough) to go home within the next week, he'll be moved to the rehabilitation wing. This will also be a private room and mom will be able to stay with him which is very important to him. He will also get more physical therapy in that wing.

Dad's bilirubin counts are slowly (very slowly) rising, but dad's oncologist isn't concerned because he feels those will improve with his next round of chemotherapy which is about a week away.

Oncologist Joke
Our dad being a professional clown and former master of ceremonies for countless local functions has hundreds of joke books and thousands of jokes in his head for every occasion. I am not lying when I say that not a day has gone by in my life that dad has not, at some point in the day, told a joke. A word or story or piece of furniture can cause a joke to pop into dad's head.

Dad's doctors know this and his oncologist and gastroenterologist usually have a joke ready for dad when they come into the room. Today, dad's oncologist, usually a very somber, serious man, told dad this joke:

"People are worried about the bird flu and swine flu, but they shouldn't worry because doctors have been working very hard and have come up with some new solutions. For bird flu," he said, "people will be given special TWEETments."

My dad moaned,"Ohhhhhh! Nooooo! That's bad."

His doctor said, "It gets worse. For the swine flu, they have invented an OINKment."


Susan in St. Paul said...

Sounds like things are improving.
Still keeping my fingers crossed...

those are really bad jokes, lol!

Lorna said...

Just the kind of jokes my dad could never have resisted.

jen said...

Those are terrible jokes. LOL.

Glad that your dad is improving!