Monday, September 07, 2009

Dad Update and Laurie Helps People in the Parking Lot...Again...Maybe

Dad Update
Dad is still doing good. Today being a holiday, he didn't see his primary oncologist and hasn't seen a physical therapist since Friday. However, the oncologist and the infectious disease doctor on call told mom that dad's numbers continue to improve and we're still hopeful dad will go home sometime this week.

Laurie Helps People in the Parking Lot...Again...Maybe
As I was walking up to the front door of the hospital today, I noticed a young couple leaving the hospital. They had walked past me toward the parking lot when I heard the guy call me. I turned around and he said that his step-son had been injured in a bicycle accident and had just been life flighted to Houston. He said that the life flight team wouldn't let the boy's mother (the guy's wife) ride on the helicopter with the boy and that they had no money for gas to drive to Houston where the boy was being taken.

I tried to process all of this and decided to err on the side of a possibly seriously injured little boy and gave the couple $10. I hope there isn't an injured child and that I gave a couple of con artists $10. I'd rather be a sucker than think of a poor scared little boy on a helicopter without his mom.


Anonymous said...

What is that, your 10th pair of angel wings????

Laurie said...

Something like that. I'm not going to try to fly...yet.