Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Time Warner, you are so out of here

I use Time Warner for my phone, cable and internet access. Change that. I used to use Time Warner for my phone, cable and internet access. Actually, I'm still using Time Warner, but as God is my witness I won't be for long.

For the last month or two, my modem loses my internet connection for portions of almost every day which drives me absolutely insane. When that happens, I also have no land line phone service which is much more annoying to my friends and family than it is to me, but still. I pay for phone and internet and it would be nice to actually have service the promised 24 hours of every damn day.

I hate standing in line at the cable place, so I put off exchanging my modem as long as I could. Yesterday on my lunch hour, I tried to go to the Time Warner building on Calder, but because of construction, I couldn't figure out how to get to the building. Instead of trying to find a detour, I drove to the main Time Warner building in Nederland about ten miles away.

When I got there, the lady behind the counter told me that they never exchange modems. I told her that indeed they do at the Beaumont building, because I've done it at least twice before. She said they do no such thing and would have to set me up for a service call.

I bit my lip, held my tongue and scheduled the service call, but on the ten mile drive back to my office I got madder and madder. No way in hell was I going to take time off of work for someone to come out to my house just to exchange a freaking modem. I called and canceled the service appointment and I'm now in search of new phone, internet and cable service.

Any suggestions?

Note about the graphic at the top of the page:
I didn't create that graphic. I Googled "Time Warner Sucks Ass" and that's how I found it.


Steve said...

There are no good alternatives. I've been Time Warner-free for 16 months, and I wish I could say I was really happy with Dish and AT&T, but it just ain't so. I even considered going back to TW for cable, but the other day I got a flyer from them boasting about their 11 (yes, eleven) HD channels. 11? Seriously?

Jill said...

You would think that this area of Texas would have more choices! My almost ex- just switched all tv to ATT since we already had phone and internet through them. Since I'm not there I can only guess. We did have TW before they switched to Comcast- eh. Here in Waco my daughte has TW for internet - I'm not crazy about it. Dish network for tv - not that great either, at least to me. I really wish I could go back to Houston.

Queen of Quite A Lot said...

my parents just switched to direct-tv this week. besides the horrible service, i think what drove them over the edge is when they charged them a $2 'administrative fee' after dropped by the nederland office to pay their bill in person. changed their phone, cable AND internet. good luck!

Diana said...

Gee, I had no problem exchanging modems when mine got struck by lightning...with no service call at that time. I walked into the Nederland office, told them the phone in tech told me to do this and I was out of there within minutes.