Monday, June 29, 2009

This and That

So soon?

DirectTV again...

Yesterday at lunch, a DirectTV installation truck was parked right beside me at Chili's with the engine running. I looked at the guy sitting in the truck and he looked at me and for a brief moment I thought Saturday's whole DirectTV debacle had been a bad practical joke (see previous post) and I'd been punk'd instead of stood up. Alas, Ashton Kutcher didn't pop out of the bushes and my installation has been rescheduled to 4th of July work holiday.

Holy War

My dad has been in the hospital since last week. He has had a recurrence of his lymphoma which is responding quite well to chemo. However, the stents which were placed several years ago have become blocked and he is a lovely yellow-orange color and, while colorful, is not a good thing. Today, the doctors decided to move him from St. Elizabeth Hospital here in Beaumont to Methodist Hospital in Houston.

When I spoke to mom this afternoon she said it took all day for the transfer to go through because of some sort of conflict between St. Elizabeth Hospital and Methodist Hospital. When I told my sister Bonnie about the conflict, I said, "I guess it's a religious thing." Bonnie said, "Oh my god! We've caused a Jihad!"


Lesie said...

I hope everything goes well for your dad and that the DirecTV is worth it.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Hope your dad is doing better, Laurie.

Susan in St. Paul said...

I hope your dad is doing better.

I have noticed that every year Al Stewart performs in Texas and I want & try to go but don't, you guys get hurricanes.
This year I intentionally didn't want or try to go, so hopefully you should be safe.