Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Which Sopranos Character Are You?

Which Sopranos character are you?
Your Result: Meadow Soprano

You're a goody goody. Good at school, normally pretty, listen to Britney Spears. You shouldn't be in this series! Dawson's Creek or somewhere else, maybe...

Tony Soprano
Carmela Soprano
Paulie Walnuts
Christopher Moltisanti
Anthony Junior Soprano
Adriana La Cerva
Which Sopranos character are you?
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Jack said...

Your Result: Tony Soprano

Macho, alpha-male, heartless (but this is not sure).You're a boss to the others, not to much to yourself: you need some peace, that you can't find, or can't allow yourself to find. There are some issues that you need to explore in your mind, with the help of doc. Melfi.

Yeah, right.

Laurie said...

Jack - I think maybe Paulie Walnuts wrote this quiz.