Friday, June 08, 2007

Oh happy day!

Today is a day that shall go down in memory as a happy, happy day. Today, they fixed the flusher on the toilet in the center stall in the ladies room. Sure, there are three stalls in there and I could easily use either of the other two stalls, but the center stall is my stall of choice. The stall on the right is too close to the people washing their hands and the stall to the left is the handicap stall and my feet dangle. A person cannot do their business comfortably with their feet dangling.

Before the handle was fixed, to flush the toilet I had to hold the handle down for at least three seconds and sometimes longer. In recent days, it would only flush if you pushed the handle toward the back of the stall and held the handle down for a heck of a lot longer than three seconds. Tres annoying.

Moving on, what is the man in the picture at the top of this post doing, you ask? Why, he is toilet snorkeling, of course. Click here to find out exactly why that purple pants wearing fool is doing that.


Laura said...

"A person cannot do their business comfortably with their feet dangling."

Ain't it the truth?!? I hate those things!

Laurie said...

Laura - Ditto!

Comfort Addict said...

Looks like the man is smoking a really bizarre hookah to me.

se7en said...

I thought he was trying to commit suicide by breathing in deadly methane gas. Or maybe he thinks it will help freshen his breath?

No matter what it is, it's hilarious!


tom said...

I think if you were stuck in a fire and had to get your air outta the toilette snorkel, great..Personally I'd like to think I'd get my pants pulled up and get down the fire escape!

Laurie said...

Comfort Addict - Hahahaha!!

Se7en - Suicide crossed my mind, too. Strange device.

Tom - No kidding!