Wednesday, March 01, 2006

More Keyword Help

In order to assist people who arrive here through various and sundry keyword searches, from time to time I will try to provide an answer to what I interpret the question might be from the search phrase found in my stat counter.

For obvious reasons, the most popular search phrases for this blog for the past few days have been every conceivable combination of the words: boobs, New Orleans, Bourbon Street, breasts, tits, naked and Mardi Gras. For those search phrases, I feel that no explanation is needed and I am also certain that after they hit this blog, they moved along rather quickly.

Here are some other recent search phrases (which are exactly as I found them in my stat counter) which brought people here:
  1. smelly people with big hats - Sounds a lot like my Aunt Hilda but I need more information.
  2. teenage girls who fight their mother - Cage match or trailer park? Once again, I need more info.
  3. miss vibration 5 - This would be the upgrade from Miss Vibration 4. Miss Vibration 5 includes a clutch and a kick starter.
  4. tittie miss - Popular beauty contest created after the failures of Tittie Ms., Tittie Mrs. and Tittie Mr.
  5. her mom's car out - Out of gas? Out of town? Out of the garage? I'm not sure what you're looking for on this one but it's a safe guess that you should put mom's car back in.
  6. bouncer assaulting customers - It happens and it ain't pretty.
  7. miss canada vs miss new orleans - Lorna vs. Laurie? I think I could take her.


Neal said...

I'm tempted to type in all of those phrases to see what else pops up.

Ed Abbey said...

Have you ever clicked on those search terms in your stat compiler to see what other sites may have contained the answer they were looking for when yours obviously failed them? Just this morning I found someone landed on me using, "lip discing in Africa." I was totally confused until I found a site referring to those wooden discs they put in their lips.

I told you showing your boobs on your blog was a bad idea.... didn't I?

Jen T. (that's me) said...

I got "June Cleaver stripped tickled" the other day and almost died. June is so perfect, why would anyone want to see her stripped and tickled??? Don't use the name of June in vain.

Marinade Dave said...

I heard the Miss Vibration 6 is supposed to have one of those little rectal thingies. You hear anything about that?

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Yeah, she's too "gentility"

Sophmom said...

I know I told you this before, but my most memorable google search term was "New Orleans Hurricane". The funny thing about it is that it happened in the spring of 2005.

I am certain that you can take Miss Canada (no offense meant to Lorna. :)

Chris Christner said...


As usual, I'm out of step ;)

I found your blog using the search terms "beaumont texas blog." Picked yours out of the list because the name was intriguing.

As to why, I've been following the saga of John Caffery and his Mohammed cartoon sign and was wondering if you were too.

I'm hoping to get a photo of the sign but none of the news stations are carrying it, so I'm trying local blogs.

I hope this isn't an imposition, but if you'd rather not be bothered, can you suggest a blogger or someone who might help?

Warm regards and thanks in advance for any help you can give,


P.S. If you're interested, here's what I've blogged on the story:

Lorna said...

Laurie, I wouldn't be too sure if I were you---I'm old, but I'm feisty, and I do have many many pairs of stiletto heels.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust the stat compiler...


racial zionists quit enlarging my instestines!

Laurie said...

Neal - That would be a post in itself wouldn't it?

Ed - Sometimes I have to to figure out what they're looking for like your "lip discing".

Jen - Oh, my God. That's funny.

Dave - That is actually an optional accessory on the Miss Vibration 5. Miss Vibration 6 is the one that also does the dishes.

Old Horsetail - Didn't you love that post?

Sophmom - New Orleans Hurricane? I wonder if they meant the drink or the storm?

Chris - Today's paper says the sign has come down. I'm planning on posting about it tonight. Thanks for the nudge.

Lorna - Oh, that would hurt. I concede.

Anonymous - It sure comes up with some weird stuff.