Thursday, March 09, 2006

Fresh Baked: Burner Brownies

It occurred to me a couple of days ago that I grew up in the 70's and never (that I know of) ate marijuana brownies. Then, I began to wonder, exactly how would one go about making such a thing? As you might have guessed, there are lots of sites out there that will tell you just how to do that. I won't link to those sites here because I think you should work for your buzz.

Evidently, cooking with marijuana involves combining the marijuana with butter and straining through cheese cloth and various other kitchen/cooking type activities. One site advises that you and your guests wait an hour after eating a brownie (or cookie or piece of cake - there are lots of ways to cook with marijuana) because the buzz is different and even experienced pot smokers might not recognize that they are already high before grabbing for that next treat.

So, Google on Garth, or, if you prefer, YAHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a poll:


Sylvana said...

I almost had shroom lasagne once. But I missed it because I ended up at the giant teepee with the Rainbow Tribe and Freedom Fighters. I heard it was very good, though.

Jen T. (that's me) said...

my goofy friend and i once baked "special" blueberry muffins instead of the brownies. they were good and we got even more ridiculous.

ah... college. of course, it never did much for me besides make me feel stupid, and i could easily get that from alcohol legally, so i didn't see the point in weed much.

pokerboss said...

Many is the time the brownies have have given me the munchies for more brownies. With the potency of hemp these days, I could probably raise the stock in Betty Crocker if I baked a batch (or ten). Are you sure you aren't high now? It looks suspiciously like you paid somebody to be #155 out of 1000 blogs. I might have given three bucks to be #666, but somebody beat me to it. None of the available 783 spots have the same appeal.

Neal said...

Does it count if you eat a brownie and you don't inhale?
My secret word for verification is 'takan'. I wonder where they took me to?

Jack said...

I never did marihuana brownies, but I did have corned beef hash once.

lruhbwni: Laurie regrgitated undercooked hash brownies while not inhaling.

Laurie said...

Sylvana - Were there pretty colors?

Jen - Mmmmmm...muffins.

Poker Boss - I proudly paid my $3 to be one of a 1000. I'm not high now but I might have been at the time.

Neal - No, it doesn't count. Are there any questions about what constitutes sex? Anyone? Anyone?

Jack - Did the corned beef hash make you feel like *things* were being stretched? Space? Time? Anything?

nlhnaxmf - Never leave hash near an eXcitable male friend.

rws said...

Never tried marijuana brownies, but did try hash brownies one time many years ago. All I can say is godDAMN I got trashed. Far too trashed -- not my idea of a good time.

When I lived in Seattle, shrooms grew on my front lawn. My then-wife and I made pizza (from scratch -- yummy!) with a mess of those little buggers as a topping. No pretty colors -- well, everything took on a reddish tint -- but a whole lot of laughing.

Laurie said...

RWS - All of these comments are making me hungry!