Saturday, August 13, 2005


As promised here are the pictures of the furniture that Bonnie and mom found for me at a garage sale. The guy sold the desk to me for $100 and when I called to say I definitely wanted it, he told me he would sell me the credenza and hutch for another $100. They also threw in the little end table for free.

Getting the furniture was an adventure of epic proportions. Me, mom, Terry, Dan and my nephews, Elliott and Alec, borrowed a flat-bed trailer from one of Terry's teacher friends for the cost to me of one dinner in the restaurant of his choice. That's a bargain.

We brought the desk, hutch and credenza to my house, brought my computer furniture to Bonnie's house and brought Bonnie's computer furniture to Terry's house. Bonnie and I both live in two story townhouses and the furniture was going (and being taken from) rooms upstairs. Are you tired, yet? I am. Thank God for strong nephews and brother-in-laws.

When Terry brought the trailer back to her friend, he told her that the pin had come out of the trailer hitch (whatever that means). Come to find out, that's a very bad thing. As usual, our little guardian angels were on the job.

As I've said before, God takes care of small animals and dumbasses. The dumbasses would be us.


OldRoses said...

Great furniture! Sure hope you don't plan on re-painting the room any time soon!

OldHorsetailSnake said...

I would say you scored, big time.

Abrasivist said...

A month ago I bought an OK lazy-boy chair for ten dollars at a garage sale. At the time I commented, "For ten dollars I don't care if the cats pee on it." Well they've peed on it twice now and I DO care. Damn I'm such a hypocrite.

techymike said...

That's some nice looking furniture...looks like you definitely got a good deal!

Glod said...

What wood is that? Soft woods, like pine, are toxic, especially that piney smell.

Laurie said...

Old Roses - I hate painting so there's little danger of that.

Old Horsetail - I sure did!

Abrasivist - There aren't many things worse than cat piss.

Techymike - I sure did! I like your gravtar. Which character is that? Or, did you make it up?

Glod - It's particle board (which I'm sure is toxic) stained to look like dark cherry. It's actually quite lovely.

Lorna said...

worth every backbreaking moment!

Ed Abbey said...

Can't help but notice the giant can of Planter peanuts beside your computer monitor. Any hints on keeping your keyboard from being shellacked with peanut oil?

Laurie said...

Lorna - Absolutely!

Ed - Is that why my fingers keep slipping off the keys?