Sunday, August 28, 2005

Cajun Quiz - Pass It On


1. What do you like to drink at your crawfish boils?
I know it's sacrilege not to drink beer at a crawfish boil but liquor slows me down. I drink Dr. Pepper with an Excedrin chaser.

2. Do you suck heads?
We're still talking about crawfish? No.

3. Would you make out with someone just after eating boiled crawfish?
Oh, hell yeah! I once told my friends I wasn't going to shower before going out after attending a crawfish boil because that's the kind of man I want to attract.

4. Which one of your friends would be the first to be invited to your crawfish boil?
One? Inconceivable! Blasphemy!

5. Which one of your friends would you trust enough to boil your crawfish?
Now, that's a different story. My brother-in-law, Dan is number one. My son, Cory, and my friend, Clay, are in training.


1. Have you ever been muddin on a three or four wheeler atv?
Nope. I tend to break on my body.

2. Have you ever been crabbing?
Once again, a big hell yeah! I haven't been in ages though.

3. Would you ever ride naked on an ATV down the levee?
It would depend on the company, how dark it was and whether or not tequila was involved.

4. Have you ever done the nasty in the middle of a sugar cane field?
Can't say that I have.

5. Have you ever gotten mosquito bites from outdoor sex?
Depends on what you consider sex and depends on what you consider outdoors.


1. Swamp pop, Zydeco, or Cajun music...which is your favorite?
Zydeco but Cajun dance music is a very close second.

2. Have you ever been to a Wayne Toups show?
Mais, oui!

3. Have you ever danced to the song "Matilda"?
My very first slow dance with one of my brother's football coaches, "Moose" Lee, was to "Matilda." I was about 11 years old. I still love that song.

4. Who is your favorite Zydeco performer?
Rockin' Doopsie

5. Favorite Wayne Toups song?
I can't think of the name of it but I know it when I hear it. Something about cornbread.


1. Who's ya daddy?
Harold "Red" Ransonette, Jr.

2. Where ya momma from?
Catahoula, Louisiana

3. Any of your cousins married to one another?
My grandmother and grandfather on my daddy's side were second cousins. If you know my family, that explains a lot.

4. Would you do one of your cousins?
What kind of quiz is this!?

5. Are you a parrin or nanny?
Yes, Elliott (or maybe it's Alec...hmmmm).

Love and Marriage:

1. Have you ever pinned money on a bride at a wedding reception?
Absolutely! Most of them couldn't afford the honeymoon without it.

2. Ever gotten drunk on Budlight at a reception?
Don't like beer. (I sure hated to answer "no" to that one.)

3. Ever called your significant other "Cher" or "boo"?
Definitely cher (pronounced "sha" - "a" as in hat - by the way).

My uncle Henry has called my Aunt Bernice "boo" for as long as I can remember. He also calls me "Lo-Lo" and I don't really know why. An aunt on the other side of the family (who didn't even know Uncle Henry) also called me "Lo-Lo". I still don't' know where that came from.

You know what? I just decided that if I ever write a book, that shall be my pen name: Lo-Lo LaRue. Cool.

4. Last name of the first Cajun you ever made out with?

5.Last name of the last Cajun you made out with?


1. Know any Boudreaux or Thibodeaux?
Is that a trick question? I'm from Port Arthur, remember?

2. Know anyone named "T-Boy"?
My first crush was on a boy named T-Joe Gauthier. He played saxaphone in the band in elementary school and I played clarinet. It was true love in the junior woodwinds section.

3. What is your favorite festival?
Festival Internationale in Lafayette, Louisiana. Bands play from countries all over the world, mostly from countries with some sort of connection to France. (You thought I was going to say Mardi Gras or something in New Orleans didn't you?)

4. Name the nearest bayou next to you.
Hillebrandt Bayou. Had some good times there!

5. Where do you get your favorite boudin?
Nicks in Port Arthur will always be my favorite.

Alright all you Cajuns, pass it on.


OldHorsetailSnake said...

I don't know.... I guess maybe you had to have been there. I know this isn't Greek, but it ain't American, either.


-NeLLy- said...

Hi, I'm Nelly, Indonesian. I'm so glad taht i found your blog. Actually I was researching about the dollar dance (for my cultural studies). I found a little information in your blog.
Actually I really want to know more about it, i mean, the unique wedding ceremony itself.
I wonder the amount of money that ppl pinned onto the bride. Can you give me the example?
In Taiwan, we should give very much money for the bride, at least US$30. How about there in your country...
I'm looking forward for your reply. Thank you...

Jen T. (that's me) said...

Cajuns are fun. :)

Laurie said...

Old Horsetail - We are unique. :)

Nelly - Glad I can help. People usually pin anything from $1 to $20 but I'd say the amount is usually $5. I've seen some people put more than $20. The total amount collected varies widely, as you can imagine. I'd say that at least $200 is usually collected though and often much more than that.

At most weddings money is pinned on the bride and the groom for the privilege of a dance with them.

The wedding ceremony itself is usually a traditional church wedding ceremony and the money pinning happens early on at the reception usually right after the traditional first dance of the bride and groom and the dancing with the parents.

Jen - Yes, we are!

sleepybomb said...

1. Know any Boudreaux or Thibodeaux?
no, but my sis is now a robichaux and i lived in thibodeaux for a few years, does that count?

2. Know anyone named "T-Boy"?
no, but i do know a joe-frank. he was my uncle in lake charles.

3. What is your favorite festival?
french quarter festival

4. Name the nearest bayou next to you.
right now it's the bayou tahoe, but i used to have bayou lafourche right outside my back door ...

5. Where do you get your favorite boudin?
can't remember the name, but it was in some lil town near houma. i can still smell that place, mmmmmm.

and i know at italian new orleans weddings the bride could rake in a cool thousand, (i should know) ...

Laurie said...

Sleepybomb! - Thanks!!! That was great! Living in Thibodeaux counts, big time; I can almost smell that boudin store, too, and I've never been there; I've never been to the French Quarter Festival but it's definitely on my list of things to do.

cousin kara said...

What Boneau did you first make out with any that I know?

Zina said...

Kara that was my question too. Great minds think alike!

Laurie said...

Kara and Zina - My dear cousins, I knew that one would freak out the family. It was the younger one and it was after my divorce. Zina, you will also notice that I changed the text of the original question. ;)

Lorna said...

I only knew 4 out of every 10 words in that post. Somehow ended up ready to suck crawfish heads and dance in a bayou.

Laurie said...

Lorna - You guys are cracking me up. I sincerely had no idea this would be so foreign to so many people.

Zina said...

ok..this may be the longest one. I can't believe I missed it.

Brooke said...

This was so funny. Im from Lafayette, LA and it all made since. I plan on visiting my bff who lives near ATL, and I hope they are ready cause im bringing my cajun and creole culture with me! Boudin and beignets foro everyone!

Laurie said...

Brooke - Have fun!!!!!!!!!