Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans Audobon Zoo

Here's the latest I can find on the Audobon Zoo in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.


Shelli said...

Ok..this is too strange...I just posted over on anther Blogger's site who is from New Orleans about the Aquarium. I have a co-worker who's sister and brother-in-law live in Slidell. The brother-in-law is the curator at the Aquarium. I asked about the animals there and was told that they are worried they are going to run out of fuel for the generators. If they do, they will have to kill the animals because otherwise they will suffer and then die on their own. My co-worker, the bother-in-law and my co-worker's father are going to Slidell today to check on their house and clean out the ice box, board up windows, etc. My co-worker too expressed his fear that the animals at the zoo might have not made it through the hurricane. The Aquarium there in New Orleans is the BEST one I have ever been to. Anytime anyone asks me about Aquariums I tell them that they haven't seen anything until they go there. I could stay there all was amazing...I hope they can save the animals.

Deek Deekster said...

thought of you when this happened

OldHorsetailSnake said...

Thanks for the good links, Laurie. I am sorry for New Orleans, and for you, too.

Sophmom said...

I'm a little confused. The Zoo is in Audobon park (Uptown) and the Aquarium is in the FQ, right?

It is my understand the Uptown has minimal damage. Supposedly, Loyola U (where my son goes), directly across St. Charles from Audobon Park (where the Zoo is) has little or no damage. I know the water has been rising but I heard it was dry yesterday morning (or at least relatively so).

This is all to say that I've heard the Zoo is ok.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of this fair city.

Great links here. Thanks so much.

Avik said...

its so sad ...... and thanx for the link...

Laurie said...

Shelli - My stat counter tells me that a lot of people are worried about the animals. I hope they're okay, too. Thanks for the updates.

Deek - I hope London is doing well these days.

Old Horsetail - Aren't you sweet. Thanks.

Sophmom - You're exactly right about the locations. As Shelli said though, the problem now becomes food for the animals and fuel for the generators.

Avik - You're welcome.