Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Fearless Explorer

"Come on Nanny Bonnie! We're almost there. You can do it!"


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I love her shoes!

ms. e said...

Cute bottom shot. :) How does Nanny Bonnie feel about this one? ;)

(Hi, Bonnie!)

Lorna said...

I want undies that match my dress!

Susan in St. Paul said...

She sure is cute!

Anonymous said...

Nanny Bonnie:

Ms. E. I gave permision to take the picture. I thought since Ms. Ava was so cute no one would notice the "wide load" next her...LOL

Susan in St. Paul said...

Bonnie- I actually noticed the definition in your forearm and wondered if you were doing curves :-)

Laurie said...

Just - Aren't they the bomb!

Ms. E - Bonnie bit the bullet on this one for the grand-fabulous Ava. She's a trooper. Nobody likes the looks of their rear end climbing up stairs through a telephoto lens. :)

Lorna - Oh, I bet you already do.

Susan - Thanks. :)

Nanny Bonnie - It's getting less "wide" all the time. :)

Susan - There you go, Bonnie! Nice arms.