Saturday, June 21, 2008

Supper of champions

You know what tastes good with...

... this...

You know what comes up if you Google "pistachio"...

I suddenly want to mix yummy fluffy things together.


ms. e said...

That is MY Mixer! Everything in my kitchen is green now because of it. Hahaha. That was the best birthday present Brian ever got for me. :)

Apartment for Peggy said...

That's the beer talking!

Susan in St. Paul said...

Oh I love pistachios and kitchenaid mixers! They remind me of my childhood. I am not sure what adding beer to the mixture would do.

Pistachios- Be careful, you CAN eat too many of them without realizing it. Once I was staying over at friends house who had one of those huge Sam's Club/Costco sized containers of pistachios. We had gone to the ballet, we were munching on pistachios while talking, we called some guys, listened to some music, talked about guys, the normal high school thing while still eating them. At about 2am, we both felt sick, and realized we had eaten a half pound of them between us!

There is a shop here that sells lots of cool kinds of pistachios in bulk. I do buy them, but never more than I would eat in a sitting or two.

The KitchenAid-My mom made all of baked food, bread, cookies, pastries, whatever. Its so easy to make bread and chocolate chip cookies in a kitchenaid, I would get one if I could eat those things.

Jen-You are so lucky! Do you have all the attachments?

Lorna said... what order did you happen upon these so-called yummy things?

Laurie said...

Ms. E - It's such a delightful color and you have made such delightful things with it. Good on you, Mr. E.

Peggy - Yes, indeedy.

Susan - I don't dare take the whole bag into the living room. I just scoop out a handful.

Lorna -
1. Open freezer and remove pistachios

2. Open fridge to get something to drink and spy the Coors Light

3. Google pistachios (after 2 Coors Light) so I can write this fabulous post and happen upon the gorgeous Kitchenaid