Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Form Your Own Rock Band

Click here to get the name of your band (title of a random Wikipedia article).

Click here to get the name of your first album (last four words of a random quote).

Click here to get your first album cover (third random Flickr picture).

My band: Gilded Hummingbird
Album: Place in the World
Album Cover:

Thanks, Todd!!


jen said...

From my results, I think I'm a country/western ensemble.

My band: USS Missouri
My album: Tormenting a Respectable Man
Album Cover:


Apartment for Peggy said...

My band: Eugen=Keidel Tower
My album: All over the house
My cover:

Eurosex, I like it!

Rebecca Hickman said...

Cool beans!

My band: Savannah Township
First album: All Children Are Foreigners
Album cover:

Anonymous said...

My Band:Benson and the Giant

My Album: A System that works.

The picture was a Buddhist temple

Laurie said...

Everybody - Is that the coolest thing or what? I can't quit doing it.

Susan in St. Paul said...

My band: West Eyreton

Album: Go? Desire, desire, desire.

Album Cover:


This is fun!!!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

My band: Alopecosa (It's a spider--ewww!)

My album: Possess a Noble Soul

My cover: This crazy picture

Laurie said...

Susan and Just... - I love it!

Jack said...

I don't know what kind of music my band plays, but i'm pretty sure I don't like it:

My band: Metz-le-Comte
My Album: Morality Touched by Emotion.

Album Cover:

Lorna said...

Buy this Album: Wonderful to Miss It

By this Band: Sproxton, Leicestershire (pronounced Sprosun, Lester)

Enjoy: the pretty album cover with the pink poppy on a green ground.

Send: money to the usual place

Anonymous said...

Band: NIM
(Nuclear Instrumentation Module

Album: Worth 100 cents


baby sis

Laurie said...

Jack, Lorna and Baby Sis - Every time someone leaves a comment on this post, I spend another 10 minutes creating bands.

Susan in St. Paul said...

So we can keep you at it LOL!!!

TexasGal said...

You always have such fun and interesting stuff to do.

TexasGal said...

Oh! And my Band is: Azio TV
Album: Love Just the Same
Album Cover: was a sunset photo

Laurie said...

Susan and Texas Gal - And so it goes...