Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grandma Honey...Rock Star

Well, I'm not a rock star, yet. I'm more of a pebble starlet. Guitar Hero on Tour for Nintendo DS went on sale June 22, 2008 and I knew if I was ever in the vicinity of Best Buy I wouldn't be able to resist popping in and buying one. I had to pass Best Buy twice yesterday afternoon, so we all know what happened. I also bought a "leather" case. Rock and roll!!

I'm not quite kicking Guitar Hero ass, though I already can do a pretty mean Spiderwebs. I'm not so great on Twisted Sister though. By the way, my DS is pink...of course.

Regarding "Grandma Honey":

All of my nieces and nephews call me "Aunt Honey" which began when the first nephew came along about 25 years ago. Without realizing it, I would always say, "Hi, Honey!" when I saw him. As soon as he started making identifiable sounds, I just knew he was calling me "Honey." Somehow it caught on...because I'm soooooooooooo sweet. Yeah, you heard me. Sweet. Wanna make something of it?

So, Aunt Honey will also be Grandma Honey when Ava gets around to calling me anything other than "Guh." Unless, she wants to call me something else. Grandma Slash would be cool.


Just a Plane Ride Away said...

When Grand Fabulous Ava gets big enough to hold drum sticks, may I recommend... ROCK BAND! It rules!! Roxi and I have made it through once. I usally play guitar and bass because I'm too uncoordinated to play drums and too tone deaf to sing in tune--hahaha.

Rock on, Grandma Slash!

Lorna said...

Grandma Slash would be so cool! I get Noni and Mina, but Granny Slash or Momomoma would also suit

Laurie said...

Just - My problem is I don't own a Wii or any of those cool systems, yet. It'll cost me a fortune to catch up.

Lorna - How about Yoyo-Momma?