Sunday, March 09, 2008

Season 7 - My Annual (and always wrong) American Idol Prediction

In the order of elimination:

Amanda Overmyer - Her lack of enthusiasm coupled with her same-old, same-old will continue to annoy people and she'll be voted off this week.

David Hernandez - He's had one great performance in the last three weeks. Three strikes, you're out. He'll be gone in two weeks.

Ramiele Malubay - She'll be gone in three weeks, not for lack of vocal ability. She will completely self-destruct when David Hernandez gets sent home and will eventually live happily ever after with Danny Noriega and Colton Berry in a loft somewhere.

Chikezie - Chikezie will be saved from elimination and will be around one week longer than he should because of Ramiele's elimination due to her nervous breakdown, unless he can pull some kick-ass Luther Vandross out of his hat.

Kristy Lee Cook - Since she's "gone country," Kristy should be able to buy some time. However, she needs to do something about that crazy legs thing she has going on or she'll go before Chikezie.

Syesha Mercado - Syesha doesn't do anything we haven't seen a million times before. She does it well, she's beautiful and has a nice personality, but that's not enough this year. Last year, she would have at least come in second and might have won the whole thing.

Michael Johns - Early on, Michael Johns was my all-time favorite contestant ever. However, I'm growing tired of his Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchence vibe. None of that changes the fact that I still want a hot weekend in Vegas with him.

Jason Castro - A-damn-dorable. He makes me happy. Happy, happy, happy.

Brooke White - I like her much more than I thought I would. Sappy white chicks generally get on my nerves.

David Cook - All of the rock fans are going to be out for Chris Daughtry Premature Elimination revenge and will keep David Cook in for as long as possible. His horrible hair, notwithstanding, he deserves to stay.

Carly Smithson - I base my Carly Smithson #2 prediction more on my hopes for the finale. A Brooke White/David Archuleta finale might put me into a sugar coma. A David Cook/David Archuleta finale might totally blow my mind in an acid flashback sort of way.

David Archuleta - No contest. David Archuleta is your next American Idol. The only thing that might prevent him from winning is if his vocal paralysis kicks in and his mom has to perform for him. Actually, I don't know if that could even stop him.


George said...

Win or lose, my wife's going to adopt David Archuleta . . .

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

I can't watch these shows--I get too stressed out and feel bad for the contestants :-(

Lorna said...

I deem these astute even though, like JAPRA,and for the same reasons, I don"t watch American Idol. I deem especially astute: I'm growing tired of his Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchence vibe. None of that changes the fact that I still want a hot weekend in Vegas with him "

We still share the vibes.

Jaded said...

Heck, I don't even watch the show or know they guy, but if he has a Jim Morrison/Michael Hutchence vibe going on, he's got my vote!

Zina said...

I agree with you about the final two. But I think this Carly chick is a "ringer". I don't think she's that great. But the judges all seem to get off on her.

Is it me or does Amanda remind you of Terry also?

TexasGal said...

You are so way ahead of me. I didn't get to see but 5 minutes last week. I have no idea "who is who" on your list. I have to use descriptions like - nurse with black hair except around her face, blonde nanny chick that is little miss innocent, I haven't see the guys since week one. I know that the bandana guy went home, and they guy that is really girl went home. Guess I better try to catch up this week so I can see if your predictions are correct.

Laurie said...

George - He's a little cutie pie.

Just... - It has some really sweet moments, too. Simon isn't always evil and he's almost always right.

Lorna - We are vibe-ing, my friend.

Jaded - You must watch at least one performance show. You'll be hooked. I promise.

Zina - Ringer or not, I'm so happy to see good singers this year after last year's mediocre bunch that I don't care.

I never thought of Amanda reminding me of Terry. I'll have to check it out tonight.

Texas Gal - Yes, you must.

Grimm said...

I gotta agree with everything except for two things:

1) David Hernandez will last at least 4 weeks.

2) I think it will be an all David finals with Cook & Archuleta.

Although, do not be surprised if people get sick of Archuleta by the shows end. He is great by far, but he needs to quit with that squinty smile.

Likewise, people may get sick of Cook's guitar work.

George said...

HEY! Some of us are blessed(?) with squinty smiles . . . although my never got me millions of dollars of exposure on national TV.

jen said...

I think David Cook keeps his hair that way because if he cut it, we'd all know he was bald on top. His whole "emo-rocker" vibe is not meshing well with my aura at the moment. Nonetheless, I think he will definitely make the top 5, because that's what sells nowadays.

I don't know if I really like any of them. I'm distancing myself from the show this year, and I have decided not to vote at all.

Leslie said...

I read this post in my feedreader yesterday and thought you were right on, but after the show tonight...ugh. Kristy Lee Cook must go home for what she did to that song. SHE MUST!

I completely agree that Jason Castro is a cutie pie. He's my favorite, even though I don't think he'll win.

Laurie said...

Grimm, George, Jen and Leslie and everyone -

I amend my bottom three to David Hernandez, Ramiele and Syesha. Krysty Lee cook was bad, but at least she wasn't boring. I thought Chikezie was the best of the night and I enjoyed Amanda, too.

Grimm said...

Yeah, Ok, so I was wrong about David Hernandez...

Laurie said...

Grimm - That's okay. I was wrong about Amanda. The girl might have a few weeks left in her, yet.