Monday, March 31, 2008

How My Grand-Fabulous-Daughter Ava Spent Her Easter Vacation (click the pics)

"Agh! You're squishing me!"

"Where's that Easter bunny?!"

"Let's see...white, where did I put that froggy?"

"Well, back in my day, we had chairs to sit on."

"Good grief. Are you people done, yet?"

"Go, Speed Racer!"

"Get outta the way, dude!"

"Dad fixed my hair."

"It's all spiky."

"Yeah, I'm cool."

"Look at my teeth!!"


jen said...

Cutie patootie!

George said...

Now those are grand-fabulous!

Gnightgirl said...

She's precious, as always.

Leslie said...

She's just so cute!

Susan in St. Paul said...

Very Cute!!! Nice outfit too, that cute little bishop smocked dress looks great on her.
(glad to see support the needle arts too..LOL)

Lorna said...

My teeth started to hurt as soon as I clicked on the first picture.

Alyson said...

Dang! She's so stinkin' adorable!

TexasGal said...

She's growing so quickly! Man time flys by so fast. So adorable. Just want to kiss those little cheeks!

Grimm said...

Ok, she needs to get into commericals - that is one cute little girl.

Laurie said...

Everybody - Thanks!!!!!!!!