Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Cousins are funny

Sunday after lunch at my aunt's house, we were all sitting around her living room watching The Princess Diaries, mostly because everyone was too lazy to search for the remote. We had just discussed how annoying it is when someone walks into the room at the end of a movie and wants you to tell them what's going on in the movie.

Nevertheless, having never seen the movie, I had to ask, "I know this movie is almost over and we just talked about asking questions at the end of a movie, but if she's a princess is Julie Andrews the queen?"

My 30 year old male cousin, stood up on his way to the kitchen for a fried chicken drumstick snack and said, "Yeah."

Then, as he passed me, in a sad, barely audible voice, he said, "It's so sad that I know that."


jen said...

Excepting "The Princess Bride," I generally try to avoid all movies with the word "princess" in the title.

Rebecca Hickman: said...

I didn't like the movie, but I loved the books. Meg Cabot is a hoot.

George said...

Give me that boy's Man Card!

Leon J. de la Garza said...

i guess it just can't be helped sometimes..

i've been away, i was on vacation :P
but im back.. nothing to worry about

Zina said...

I love Brady....but he did leave the room and joined us for SUPERBAD in Kara's bedroom. (That is a much manlier movie!)

TexasGal said...

too funny! I don't know that any of my cousins would have owned up to that one.

Lorna said...

I love a man with a vulnerable side---especially if he can make his lips quiver, just a bit

Laurie said...

Jen - I'm with you on that.

Rebecca - I didn't realize it was a whole series of books until I Wikipedia-ed it.

George - Hahahaha!

Leon - Glad you're okay. :)

Zina - I wondered what happened to him! Hahaha!

Texas Gal - It just sort of slipped out.

Lorna - Awwwww.

Grimm said...

That is pretty freaking awesome. Of course I am the same way when in comes to less manly movies like Moulin Rouge.

But I could never admit it.

Laurie said...

Grimm - I don't think he intended to admit it. :)