Saturday, December 01, 2007


I have exactly 2,643 television channels.

Why can't I find reruns of Moonlighting?


Anonymous said...

I love that show. . . even after it got annoying.

Larry Jones said...

>Why can't I find reruns of Moonlighting?<

I don't know. When the show was new, it seemed like reruns were all I could find. What did they make -- three new episodes a season?

Susan in St. Paul said...

How about Cybil, can you find that?

pokerboss said...

My favorite was Agnes DiPesto. The little rhyming speeches she gave when she answered the phone cracked me up!

"Blue Moon Detective Agency. We're detectives with a heart, we really do our part. In your moment of need, we'll be there indeed. So please don't be shy, just give us a try. We're co-operative and discreet, we really can't be beat. And if I may be so bold, I'd like to put you on hold."

pokerboss said...

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Laurie said...

Popeye - Hahahah! I totally agree.

Larry - I know what you mean. I remember that now. Lots of reruns at the time.

Susan - Now that you mention it, I don't see any Cybil reruns either and I remember liking that one, too.

Pokerboss - HAHAHAHAHA!! I loved her!

Pokerboss - You are the MAN!!
(Note to everyone: I swear I didn't pay him to post that comment)

Leslie said...

Moonlighting was a great show. It's true - you never see it on anywhere.

Laurie said...

Leslie - I know!

Grimm said...

Bruce Willis had hair?!?

Who knew?

I actually did like this show as scary as that is.

Laurie said...

Grimm - Then, I think we all agree. We want to see some reruns.

Anonymous said...

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