Friday, December 21, 2007

In Laurie's Brain - New Slogans for Southeast Texas

An alert has been issued for new slogans for Southeast Texas, in general, and Beaumont, in particular. Here are my suggestions:

Southeast Texas - Music? Never heard of Zyde-Texas-Cajun-Western-Tejano-Rap?
Southeast Texas - More races than NASCAR

Natural Resources:
Southeast Texas - Water. Lots of it. Suck on that Dallas.
Southeast Texas - We give you gas.
Southeast Texas - Come for the rain. Stay for the mosquitos.
Port Arthur - We love the smell of petrol in the morning.

General Wonderfulness:
Beaumont - We might not be the heart of Texas, but we're at least a kidney.
Southeast Texas - It's not the heat, it's, it's the heat.
Beaumont - Our nutrias can kick your nutria's ass.
Southeast Texas - FEMA slept here.


david santos said...

Hi Laurie,
nice posting, thank you

I wish you a good end of 2007 and a good year of 2008.

Jen T. (soon to be E.) said...

Excellent slogans! :) You should be in advertising.

Donna said...

LOL! "at least a kidney" !!!!

These are great!

Laurie's Mom said...

Laurie all of them are great, I think we should use all of them in some way. You are great.

George said...

(sniff, sniff . . . give me a second to pull myself back together) I'm so proud to be from Southeast Texas! Let me know when I can buy a T-shirt.

Holties House said...

Beaumont - Come for the rain. Stay for the mosquitos.

Southeast Texas - It's not the heat, it's, it's the heat.

These two deserve oscars at the next advertisers conference.

OldHorsetailSnake said...

All of that is good stuff, Laurie. Really good.

Zina said...

We have more trailers than FEMA.

The blue tarp capital of the USA!

Grimm said...

I live nowhere close to Texas, but I love those slogans!

Of course I don't know if I want to visit there anymore - but I love those slogans! :)

40 Forever said...

You're so funny. I spent a few weeks in Beaumont last year. (It's my husband's hometown.) They have a really nice Temple there. I think it's on the National Registry.

solopoesie said...

Ti auguro la gioia e la serenità del Natale.. che allontana i momenti difficili e tristi che fanno parte della nostra vita. Il Natale è un giorno che regala calore e sorrisi e tenerezze e ci sorprende e a volte da quasi fastidio..perchè apre i nostri cuori all'improvviso! Non vergognamoci dell'amore che abbiamo dentro, ......regaliamolo..

Anonymous said...

Having spent a lot of time in East Texas I can easily see where you're coming from. Enjoyed it. -Billy The Blogging Poet

Lorna said...

this says so much more about you than about Southeast Texas---I'm loving it.

Laurie said...

Everybody - Thanks! I really do love it here and so would you. Come on down...or up...or left...or right...