Sunday, March 28, 2010

This and That

Last night I went out with my sister Bonnie and some friends.  Things I learned (or might have already known, but forgot)...

Toward the end of the night, Bonnie developed an annoying case of the hiccups.  I told her to eat a sugar packet.  She asked, "Does that work?"  I said, "I don't know."  Bravely or stupidly (your choice), she swallowed a sugar packet and VOILA! no more hiccups.  I Googled it today and whaddayouknow, to paraphrase Mary Poppins, a spoonful of sugar helps the hiccups go away

A long time ago, one of our friends was searching the local singles websites and after entering the qualities of her perfect mate was given the profile of her recently disposed of and soon to be "ex" husband.  His profile picture?  Their wedding picture with her cropped out.  Ouch.

The bathroom at this particular bar has automatically flushing toilets, an automatic soap dispenser and an automatic paper towel dispenser.  However, the faucets are old school and you have to actually physically turn them to get water.  What are we?  Animals?  At my office, on the other hand, the faucets are automatic and everything else isn't.  The more beer I drank the trickier going to the restroom became.  At least twice during the night, I stood at the sink with my hand under the antique non-automatic spigot waiting for water to pour over my automatically soaped hands.  Yes.  I'm blaming the beer.

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Small Town Girl said...

That's awesome! Tell me someone saw you waiting on the faucet and you had to play it off. Haha.