Sunday, March 07, 2010

Call your!

My graduating class has recently started having monthly lunches. After only two gatherings, the lunches have become so much more than just re-connecting with old friends. It's a true spiritual bonding and a blessing that cannot truly be explained in words. It's a feeling in the heart.

I didn't even know most of the classmates who've come to the lunches so far that well in school, but I now feel like we were best friends who've never been apart. That kind of feeling can only come from God.

I highly recommend monthly lunches with old friends/family/classmates to all of you! Call them. Now. Even if only two or three of you show up for the first lunch, I promise it will grow. It's worth a shot, right? Right.


Lorna said...

So once evrey two months, I'll come to Beaumont, and you'll come here. I love it, and we'll bond like nobody's business.

Laurie's Mom said...

Laurie, what is great about the luncheon is the longer you meet the closer you get and become like family. You learn about every thing in their lives.As you know my class reunion committee has been eating out on the first Tuesday of the month for 30 years.
We have only missed a few dinners.Either because of the weather or holidays. We are all a big family. When a classmate passes, it is like losing a family member,even though we didn't really know each other in school. Our class had 463 graduates.