Friday, March 05, 2010

More Excuses

I hate posting about my lack of posts, because I feel like I'm being arrogant in assuming that people are waiting breathlessly for me to write something. However, since I've been posting a lot less frequently I want to give you an update.

I have to be at my new job at 6:30 a.m. and I'm not a morning person. So, late night posting is out because I start getting sleepy early in the evening.

I still don't have my own computer at work, so break time and lunch time posting are mostly not possible. If I do get access at lunch time, I usually catch up on Facebook and the TJ Alumni site.

The main reason, of course, is that we're in the early weeks of American Idol and that takes up two hours on Tuesday, two hours on Wednesday and one hour on Thursday evenings. During Idol, I'm once gain Facebooking.

Basically, I blame Facebook. Doesn't everybody?


Anonymous said...

Checking your blog is one of the highlights of my day, and I have missed your daily musings. xoxo Poodles

TexasGal said...

You are doing better than I am! :)

Jill said...

I've had the same problems with blogging, but mine are just blockage. I blame FB for everything too.