Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Notes on American Idol

Siobahn - Not good. I still like her though. She's got to get it together. I hope they didn't freak her out so much that she can't make a comeback.

Katie - Sounded good, but it wasn't very "together" like the judges said.

Didi - Sucked out loud. The girl just does nothing for me.

Crystal - Great, of course, but she should have lost the piano.

Casey - HOT!

Andrew - Great…I was so happy he did that.

Aaron - Not good, but I think he's still sick or something. Why did they put him at the end? He must have been WAY better in rehearsal.

Michael - Loved it so much better than the hokey cr*p he's been doing. Very good.

Tim - Simon cracked me up…"It doesn't matter what we say, so good for you. See you next week."
Hahahah!! Ellen was so funny, too…"You looked like you were trying to sneak up on us, but we could see you." HAHAHAHAH!!!

Lee - AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Plus, I love that song, so that made it even more amazing.

Bottom three: Didi, Siobahn, Katie

Usher was a good mentor except for the creepy Andrew Lloyd Weber thing…"Pretend I'm a beautiful woman." WTF?


jen said...

I haven't even watched this season, and from what most of the online bloggers are saying, I'm not missing much. Is it any good?

Laurie said...

Jen, I'm LOVING it, but I love it every year. I even love the years other people don't like. I'm a sucker for American Idol.