Sunday, July 12, 2009

Update for family and friends

I recently found out that my relatives read my blog to obtain actual information and I haven't been very informative. So from now on, I'm going to give some of you more family news than you probably need. Off we go...

Today was the grand-fabulous Ava's second birthday. Pictures later.

The reason pictures will be later rather than now is because dad had to go back to the hospital today. Mom called us at the party and said that dad was shivering and had a fever. The home health nurse was there, so they called an ambulance to transport him because of his recent surgery.

The preliminary diagnosis is a slight case of pneumonia and possible infection at his incision site. He is also getting jaundiced again. Don't worry. It's not all as gloomy as it sounds and his oncologist is very involved in all of his treatments.

On another note, god bless each and every person who spends their days and or nights working in emergency rooms. What a sad, sad place to be. You're amazing people.


Lorna said...

Ava is 2!!!!!??? God, that makes me 67---I hardly realized.

Keep us updated on your dad, and of course, I'm honoured to share in the many details of family and friend related life.

We saw Los Lonely Boys tonight at Bluesfest---we walked about 300 steps from home and watched from behind the fence. Joe Cocker, Ani Di Franco and Mother Mother were on different stages around the site. I love this condo!!proque

Lorna said...

No, proque doesn't mean anything; it was in word verification and I typed it before I got my cursor down in the little box. If I do that again, it will say ormoni at the end of this comment

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Oh Laurie, wishing your dad healthier days soon!!

And happy (WOW!) 2nd birthday to your fabulous granddaughter :-)