Friday, July 17, 2009

Dad Update and Facebook Farm Town Thieves!!

Dad Update
Dad is staying in the hospital over the weekend. His oncologist is going on vacation and, although his blood counts are still good, they aren't going down as quickly as the doctor would like. Everyone, even dad, agrees that staying a few more days is best.

Farm Town Thieves!
As previously mentioned, I'm addicted to Farm Town on Facebook. At first I kept "ignoring" all those gifts of cows and pigs and mango trees. Now, I'm kicking my butt for not jumping on board sooner. I'm jealous of the mansions on those other farms. Show offs.

I recently bought a lawn mower and a second dog house and they disappeared. According to Google searches, the disappearing farm stuff is caused by a bug in the Farm Town program. Bonnie and I think other farmers are stealing our shit. I wonder if I can hire my Mafia Wars gangsters to protect my farm. If I lose my house, I'm going to be pissed.

Damn economy.


Lorna said...

Someone has been leaving lawnmowers and used doghouses on my Facebook site. I'm calling the Bylaw Police.

Grimm said...

Ok, you play Farm Town AND Mafia Wars? I so need you as my Facebook friend.

Sandy said...

I'm addicted as well!