Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How I'm Spending My Summer Vacation

Friday afternoon last week, I decided I was going on vacation this week. Just like that. Boom. I'm taking a week of vacation. I usually plan vacations months in advance, but not this time.

This week, I'm helping out with grand-fabulous-Ava babysitting, watching Turner Classic Movies, watching Netflix movies, playing on my computer and staying up late. I'm also sleeping in my own bed, not eating in fancy vacation restaurants and not spending any money.

This has been one of my best vacations ever. This is what I did today (not counting the movies, television and sleeping late) ...

We did other stuff, too, but I didn't take pictures of the hide-and-seek with Nannie Bonnie, castle playhouse, dancing with the Aristocats or building castles with the big plastic Lego-type thingys.

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Lorna said...

that is so smart---and the pictures too lovely. In summer, our yards look alike. Except I have no yard, as you know---just making mental comparisons