Thursday, April 23, 2009

Twitter Without Typing

I read this fascinating story today on Researchers have discovered a way to "type" by simply using electrical impulses generated by thought. By concentrating on a letter, it appears on the screen.

We all know that, inevitably, this technology will not be used strictly by people who can't use a keyboard in the traditional way. Eventually, we'll all be sending e-mails with our general electrical brain impulses.

Have you ever hit "send" without proofreading your e-mail or without confirming that you didn't hit "reply all" instead of just "reply?" Yes, you have. What's going to happen when your brain is "typing" your e-mails? Picture Jim Carrey in "Liar Liar."

To: Misty
From: Laurie
Subject: Dinner Last Night

Misty!! Dinner last night was horrible delicious. I can't wait to never do it again. The chicken was raw cooked to perfection and your disgusting husband was as charming as ever. We'll invite you guys over my dead body to our home, soon!!

Drop Dead Love You!


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Lorna said...

Lorna's asleep but I enjoyed your post.

Lorna's brain