Sunday, April 05, 2009

Ava's First Trip to the Fair

The merry-go-round was zooming. Ava was not impressed. Notice the older little girl holding on for dear life. This video was actually taken after the ride had slowed down a little.

"Yes, you may worship me."

"You talkin' to me?"

"I would like to thank the Academy."

This one's for Carly. It's an Elvis quilt.

"Warm, sweet, tasty...I like it."

"Then I want to touch a cow, then I want ice cream, then I want to touch a pig...."

"Look! Pork-ka-bobs!"

"Don't anybody move."

"Merry-go-round? Mom, are you sure this is a good idea?"

"These are my people."

For more pictures click here.


ms. e said...

The fair comes to SETX in the *spring* now???

Laurie said...

Ms. E - Yeah, they moved it away from hurricane season.

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

Funnel cake. Now you're talkin'!

Cute pics! That girl sure can work the sunglasses.

Laurie said...

Just - That was one of the best funnel cakes I've every had, too.