Monday, April 13, 2009

Lent is o-v-e-r, OVER

For Lent, I gave up margaritas, eating out for lunch and shopping.

Today I went to and bought:

Then, I e-mailed my friend Judy and made lunch plans for Wednesday.

Then, I went to Best Buy at lunch today and bought:

Then, I met Jack and Poodles and Nanny Ron for margaritas after work and made more plans for lunch Tuesday.

Ah, tequila. Nectar of the gods.


Zina said...

I think you just blew your lent-wad in one day!!!

Lorna said...

Girl, you know how to live!

Leslie said...

You've got to let me know how that Wii Fit works out. We'd love to get one. Is it worth the investment?

Rebecca Hickman said...

Love the CD's!

Laurie said...

Zina - Yes, I did.

Lorna - Yes, I do.

Leslie - I'll let you know.

Rebecca - Can't wait for them to come in!