Saturday, April 04, 2009

Southeast Texas Paranormal Convention Update

Note: Comments have been disabled on posts about the paranormal conventions. Someone (NOT ME) has created a site to continue those discussions if you're interested. CLICK HERE.

In March 2010, there will be a paranormal convention in Beaumont. Click here to read my previous post.

The promoter recently left two comments on the earlier post:

Comment 1:
"Wow, I have to remember that this is 2009 and the internet is a wonderful thing! I am the promoter of the convention and if you guys have any questions feel free to contact me at our website : "

Comment 2:
"Oh, once we have the convention website up you can go to! Some of the guests we are planning on having are Kristyn Garland and Tango (from TAPS), John Zaffis and Mrs. Hester Eby from the Myrtles Plantation."

For those of you who aren't paranormally crazy like me, Kristyn Garland, Tango, John Zaffis and Ms. Hester are impressive guests indeed.


A short time after posting the above entry, I received a couple more comments on the original post:

Comment 1:
"Oh well, you should see the Soulsfest that is coming to Beaumont this year! It is a paranormal convention with guests like Barry Fitzgerald from Ghost Hunters International, Shannon Sylvia from GHI, too. They are supposed to be getting Brian Harnois from Taps and GHI too and many more! It will be 10-10-09 at the Julie Rogers Theatre and they will be having a ghost hunt too!!!"

Comment 2:
"Oh yeah, they have a link it is and"

Competing paranormal groups, perhaps? It's great that Beaumont has enough interest in the paranormal that there are two active groups and both are promoting the field by holding conventions and fests and ghost hunts.

Any other paranormal groups out there planning to do something to entertain me? Seriously, I'm easily entertained.

Note: Comments have been disabled on posts about the paranormal conventions. Someone (NOT ME) has created a site to continue those discussions if you're interested. CLICK HERE.


Lorna said...

do paranormal competitors duel?

Laurie said...

Lorna - Quite often, actually. Usually only with words, fortunately. I'm not sure how well these two groups get along. I hope it's "love, peace and groovy Woodstock" all around.

If there have been hard feelings between the groups, I hope hatchets are buried and they work to promote both shows and not be competive about this.

Negativity is a very bad thing and hurts everybody and hurts the field in the end. Supporting each other will show amazing professionalism in a field that is sometimes incredibly competitive.

Michael said...

Lorna and Laurie - I am with TSPI. I'm afraid the groups don't get along. Paranormal investigating should NOT be competitive. I don't know the base members of the SOULS group, I can only tell you that SOULS founders Jodi and Tammy are straight up fonies and liers. The soul(no pun intended) purpose of their group is not to help people but an attempt to Copy Cat or "OUT DO" TSPI by means of lying and falsely representing themselves. Fortunately they have been unsuccessful at it and has even back-fired in our favor. Only after I called them on it did they remove Photoshop pictures of themselves in places that they never been. However the bigger problem is that these women have children that see this vendictive envy as accepted behavier. We try very hard to ignore their childish antics and move forward, but like spoiled babies they will not be ignored and raise the temper of their tantrum. The convention is a prime example. Even though we have the right to claim the first because it is on the books first.They started planning theirs once they learned of ours and of coarse they have to try and BEAT us by throwing one together before the TSPI convention. I could go on for days with examples.
Jodi and Tammys' motivation comes from a very very dark place in their souls, not from compassion for others.

Angie said...


Anonymous said...

This has been great entertainment for me as I am sure it has been for many... Adult drama is sooo sad but funny!! The ones who are participating in the said bashing not only make themselves look bad,but it reflects the group they belong to. But if you want to check out someting I ran across today just judge for yourself...

Anonymous said...

Defamation comment. I didn't even think about that stuff. It makes since though. Groups shouldn't say they are better than others. There are no guidelines for that kind of thing.