Sunday, December 28, 2008

Monthly All Alumni Gathering

Missile Toe

Johnny Elton's wife, Johnny Elton, me, Kenneth, my sister Terry, Christel, my sister Bonnie and Cammie

Me, Terry, Johnny Elton and Bonnie (Johnny is a neighborhood friend who we've known since we were kids. He was so proud of the fact that he danced with all three "Ransonette girls" that he had to have a picture. It was also his birthday. Happy Birthday, Johnny!!)

We had our third Thomas Jefferson Port Arthur all alumni gathering last night at the Star Bar on Crockett Street and it was a huge success. We had well over a hundred alumni and guests there and everybody had a great time.

The Star Bar has recently reopened after being shut down for several months and it looks terrific. There's a "VIP room" with couches and a television and a private bar, a ping pong table, another bar and lots of other groovy stuff.

Best of all, my prayers to the party gods have been answered and the Star Bar hosts karaoke on Saturday nights. They're the only place I know of in all of our little corner of southeast Texas that hosts karaoke on a weekend night.

We had dinner at Pancho Villa's Mexican Kitchen which used to be Rio Rita's. The food was delicious except that Kenneth had issues with the color of his cheese or something. The margaritas were strong, but weren't as good as others I've had. I hope they expand their margarita menu. I miss my Grande Supremas.

Click here for a slideshow which includes a video. The video is dark, but it's my sister Terry and our friend Kenneth singing Mustang Sally.


Rebecca Hickman said...

I love reunions. Thanks for sharing!

ms. e said...

Aw, man! I so wish we had been free to come out there on Saturday! Now we're back here and there is NO karaoke or Laurie to be found nearby. :/

Laurie said...

Rebecca - It was really fun.

Ms. E. - I wish you guys had been there, too. It was SO much fun.

Grimm said...

I have only done Karaoke once in my life - me and 2 of my friends sang the 12 days of Christmas in college.

Of course I had to be different and speak my verses - much like James Lipton from Inside the Actors Studio.

Laurie said...