Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whatever, Martha

There's a television network called "Fine Living" which I rarely watch. However, while I was scrolling through the on-screen guide tonight, I noticed a show about hauntings was going to play later. So, I went ahead and switched over early and accidently found a great show.

These two women were sitting on couches and ragging on Martha Stewart. Eventually, I realized that one of the women (the blond in the video below) is Martha Stewart's real actual daughter. Perfect.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Ok, this is fabulous! Must start recording it!

Just a Plane Ride Away said...

"Who needs family and friends when you have TWINE!"

It's a "Good Thing" I don't have cable.

Sandy said...

I love that show...found it by accident and now can't remember when it's on.

Laurie said...

Alyson - It's great.

Just - Hahahaha!!

Sandy - It's on Fine Living Network. Check your local listings. :)

Queen Of Quite A Lot said...

I love me some Martha but have to admit that I set up a season pass to DVR it so I don't miss it. Even the boyfriend is watching it at his house and calling me the day after to discuss...and you know what, it's a good thing.

Laurie said...

Queen - Sounds like a good thing. :)