Monday, October 27, 2008

I've Only Got an Hour Dang Nabbit!

After over thirty years of trying to get things done in the confines of a one hour lunch break, I've gotten used to competing with retirees, non-working parents and their children and rich lunch ladies for restaurant tables, a place in line at the bank and space on the roads.

I understand that humans tend to want to eat mid-day. I do it myself. So, I've learned which restaurants can get us in and out in an hour even if they're busy. If I have bank business, I leave the office early or late so I can avoid the crowds.

While I was running errands over my lunch hour last week, I decided to vote. The line was at least twenty people deep and fully half of the people in line were not on a lunch hour.

Would somebody tell me why, if you have all damn day long to vote, or do anything for that matter, would you go to the polls or do anything at all between noon and one when it's going to take at least twice as long as if you did it any other time? I don't get it.


Anonymous said...

Baby sis:


Laurie's Mom said...

I'M, Sorry. Mom and Dad have done this on occasion. We try not to do this. But dad sleeps so late by the time we leave the house to run errands it is 11:00. And I alway hate that we are out when you working folks need that special time. SORRY I will try really hard not to do this again

Susan in St. Paul said...

Its the universe paying you back for that last earworm, lol!

I wish I could vote early too!

Laurie said...

Baby Sis - Right?

Mom - Now, I feel bad!

Susan - That was a bad earworm, wasn't it?

The Grandpa said...

In Atlanta, people line up two hours before the voting starts and there still pooling places where the wait in line is eight hours. I've thought about setting up a lunch wagon.

Laurie said...

Grandpa - Eight hours?! Wow, I don't know if I could do that.