Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Synchronicity and Dark Side of the Rainbow

I don't remember exactly when we first heard about it, but if you play Pink Floyd's album Dark Side of the Moon while watching the Wizard of Oz, certain coincidences occur between the album and the movie which will totally freak you out. This link on Wikipedia explains the phenomenon as well as explaining how to achieve the maximum synchronized affect.

Actually, you don't need to go through all that trouble, although it's totally worth it since, as previously mentioned, it will totally freak you out. I've discovered that there is some sort of weird synchronicity in the universe and, if you watch television (any television) while playing music (any music), the random coincidences will...say it together...totally freak you out.

For some reason, it works best with cartoons. I won't tell you when or what I was doing when I figured that one out.


Tim said...

I like to watch the news while listening to "Revolution No. 9" And I used to watch porno while listening to Rap music, only nowadays they do this on BET and they call it music videos.

Good fun.



Jen T. (that's me) said...

Aaaaahhhh it IS freaky to watch the Wizard while listening to Dark Side. The freakiest thing for me was the part in the movie where (if you've seen it before) you know the old magician is just telling Dorothy that her Auntie Em is collapsing, and the lyrics say, "calls the faithful to their knees" (during "Breathe"). Maybe I read too much into things, but that was weird!

sleepybomb said...

ha, i did a rip of this, combined the two to make the viddy. it is bizarre. if ya google this there are a buncha sites on synchronicity. actually, the wizard also works with the 'white album' for some un-godly reason. i may have to rip that too on a rainy day.

Laurie said...

Tim - I'll have to try that. I won't tell you which one I'm going to try. Maybe both.

Jen - Freaky ain't it?

Sleepy - Very interesting. I saw a couple of other combinations, too. I had no idea.

Anonymous said...

It definitely falls into the realm of synchronicity. The duplicity of symbolism is inherent throughout this iconoclastic film. However, it's not what you may think. Rather, I'm assured that there was not a grand terrestrial author of mayhem and conspiracy lurking behind this coincidental tome. The only grand author of it all was evidently the higher power/Creator that orchestrates the manifested universe as it is observed through our limited senses. Sure, the creative work most assuredly aligns with inherent/collective thought patterns and archetypes, but it also points to and originates from a sublime ethereal origin and programmed structure which our limited mental capacities as mere humans are not programmed to receive. Observing a phenomenon and explaining it effectively fall into two different schools of thought and reason, the latter being the realm of self absored grandiosity and optimistic fallacy projected through misguided principles and thought. A mere pipe's dream, pardon the pun. I could stretch this mini-missive into eternity as the thoughts concerning said subject matter are heartfelt and paramount. However, I'll exercise economy of words and suffice to state that unequivocally 'The Wizard of OZ' in cahoots and in synch with 'The Dark Side Of The Moon' are a perfect example of WTF(?!) coupled with the reality of an eternal force working behind the scenes. Don't lie to yourself, synchronicity is alive and well and always shall be! Beware, it is controlled from the other side, i.e., God/Creator, Higher Power, Yo Mama(lol-just teasing!), or your own incredible mind(you wish). Think about it! Tripper I am! LOL.