Sunday, May 14, 2006

Progress on Dad

Dad's recuperation is moving right along. The doctors and nurses all say he's progressing well. When we walk him around the hall, he can barely move but he still stops to tell jokes to the nurses and shake hands with other patients taking their walks. Our main goal in life at this point is for dad to pass gas which we never thought we would be wishing for in a million years. Ransonettes are notoriously gassy.

I'm back home now and can't wait to crawl into my own bed. After 5 days in Houston with mom and dad though, I still feel like I should be up there. I really wanted to be there when the oncologist talks to them but I have to get back to work. Mom and dad should be back home this Thursday or Friday.

Dad asked us and the nurses if we ever had weird dreams when we were on the post-op drugs. The nurses said that all the patients up and down the hall want to tell them about their weird dreams. (I repeat that I have never met a nicer bunch of people than ALL of the people who work at Methodist Hospital.)

I asked dad what his weird dream was and he said, "Me and that guy from ER, George Clooney, were shopping for folders." My dreams about George Clooney are much more interesting.


Susan in St. Paul said...

I so glad your dad is doing well. Gas-yes, I understand. A friend's husband had a kidney removed on Tues. same thing. Cancer too but the dr don't seem too worry about it.
Its all still very scary.

Oh and their house is full of plants, so the no plants, no flowers thing you put up was a good thing.

Peter said...

Good to hear that your Dad seems to be on the road to recovery Laurie.

Neal said...

Here's to a speedy recovery for you dad.

Laurie said...

Susan - I hope your friend does well.

Peter - Thanks!

Neal - Thanks!

Deek Deekster said...

Viva Popski!


Laurie said...

Deek - Ole!

cindybindy said...

Glad your dad is doing well. I hope he had fun shopping for folders. That was hilarious. When my dad was in the hospital on "the big dope" he was building houses for the president. Busy, Busy Men. :) Take Care: Cindy

Lorna said...

You must be relieved; and those George Clooney dreams probably help. I know they do me a world of good!

Peggy said...

I'm so glad your dad is doing better. My mom was in the hospital recently, too. While she was doped up, she was solving crimes: a nurse who murdered her boyfriend and a fencing ring in Las Vegas. I think I would've preferred her shopping for folders.

Laurie said...

Cindy - I love to hear people's dreams. It's good to hear from you. I hope you're doing well.

Lorna - Gotta love that Clooney.

Peggy - Oh my! I hope you're mom is all better now.