Sunday, May 07, 2006

Congratulations, Katie!

My niece, Katie, made the drill team today for her school where she will be a sophomore next year. As we sat in the stands watching the tryouts, I could hear the girls waiting in the room behind the stands for their turn to do the dance routine. They were all chattering and laughing and, although I couldn't see them, I'm sure there were a few tears as well.

The sound of the girls talking and carrying on brought me back about ten years to the night I helped my sister Terry with her duties as "stage mother" so she could be out front to watch one of Katie's dance recitals rather than having to watch it from backstage.

My main duty as a stage mother was to keep about 20 five year-old girls absolutely quiet backstage until it was their turn to perform. Since I didn't have permission to hang any of the little darlings by their thumbs, I had no luck instilling fear in the mini-monsters. It was one of the longest fifteen minute periods of my life which ended in an adorable dance routine and the return of each brat safely to their mothers with nary a mark on them. (Katie was a perfect angel, by the way.)

Now, here it is, all these years later and all of those little girls are now young ladies...and they still can't shut the hell up. I love you Katie!!


Lorna said...

she cleans up nicely, and her thumbs appear to have healed...

Zina said...

She's grown up so much. I didn't even recognize her at Easter!


Al said...

ps. thought I was the only Hayes Carll fan!

Laurie said...

Lorna - As you can see in the last pic, she is hiding her thumbs.

Zina - All of the kids are so grown up!

Al - He comes highly recommended by my friend Jack. I haven't seen him live, yet, but I hope to soon.