Friday, April 29, 2011

Bitch Moment of the Day: "Who cares?"

My Bitch Moment of the Day is directed toward the geniuses who go into online message boards, news article comment strings and Facebook conversation posts that pertain to such things as American Idol, Charlie Sheen and Royal Weddings to post the brilliant and insightful observation of:  "Who cares?" 

Guess what, asshole.  We don't care that you don't care. You think we don't have a life?  I would say you are the one whose life we should be questioning if you have nothing better to do than cruise the internet for posts and articles about things you allegedly don't care about and then globbing up the comment string with your two words of brilliance.

You want to share your disgust about Charlie Sheen or your boredom with the royal family? Knock yourself out.  Posting the idiotic and arrogant "who cares" is just plain lazy, not to mention unoriginal. 

And, it pisses me off. 

Not that you care.



Gnightgirl said...

I think you're brilliant and hilarious, and not bitchy at all!

jb said...

I am a total fan of Laurie's brain....i have had at least 5-6 "bitch Moments" within the last 48 hour inspire me to write a big book Laurie....Bitch on....

Lorna said...

concise and pithy and bitchy and oh so needed! XX