Sunday, May 15, 2011

Google Chrome

I highly recommend that you install and use Google Chrome as your internet browser.

My laptop was locking up at least twice a night when I was on the internet and I thought I was on the way to needing a new computer.  Since I started using Google Chrome as my browser, no more problems.

Plus, you can download and play Angry Birds on your PC.

Win, win.



Lorna said...

Angry birds???Goodbye Firefox.

Leslie said...

I use Firefox. And I'm not very good at change. But I LOOOOVE Angry Birds.

*cognitive dissonance*

Oh, Laurie. What have you done to me?

se7en said...

I like Chrome too but the tabs above the address bar annoys the bejeesus out of me, so it's Firefox for me till they give us the option. I've been bugging them on their forums about that for a while and they say they have no intention of doing that. And I'm not the only one that wants the option.

On the previous post, I love that they cared enough to take the time to make a comment that says "who cares" LMAO

That is proof positive of extremely low IQ, makes you wonder how they can even use a PC at all.