Sunday, April 17, 2011

This and That


I would like people to be implanted with chips like the ones implanted in dogs and cats which identifies their owners.  I went to a funeral earlier this week and my friends and I were trying to figure out who some of the people were.  I thought how much simpler it would be if people had implants with their family tree on it that we could scan from a distance with our smart phones and know who everybody is.  What about privacy you ask?  Is anything really private anymore?  I'd rather people have my accurate information than make stuff up.


I would also like to have all of my medical information on another implanted chip so that when I go to a new doctor I won't have to fill out all those stupid medical history forms ever again.


When I was an AT&T customer, I was constantly bombarded with requests that I go "paperless."  I like paperless.  I always go paperless when I'm given the option.  So, of course, I went paperless.  Now that I've cut the cord with AT&T and no longer have a land line telephone, I get at least three non-paperless mailings a week from AT&T begging me to come back.  WTF, AT&T?  I'm now begging you to go paperless and leave me the hell alone.


I was born and raised Catholic, but I do and don't do lots of things that might not get me into Catholic heaven right away:  I'm divorced, I used to use birth control, I don't go to church every week and there are all of those sex things that I won't mention because my mom and my son read my blog.  If my fellow Catholics can't eventually pray me out of purgatory and get me into Catholic heaven, I'm hoping I can get into Methodist heaven.  I know people there, too.



Lorna said...

I'll be looking for you in Methodist heaven; I'll be the one on her knees by the back door.

As for chips, I want one that allows me to play rock and roll in myt head at whatever level I like by raising or levelling my eyebrow.

Canada is working on a system to have everyone's medical info on a restricted website for the medical profession. It's not that I don't want to share my information---I just can't remember it, so it's a plus for me.

Bill said...

That chip thing would be helpful at funerals for me too, so I can see who not to talk to, lol.

The medical thing would be awesome but I think doctors are very much against it, my experience is that they like to pretend they OWN it and will charge you a fee for copies to give to other doctors. I once paid $75 to a hospital in Atlanta for my medical records and I never even got them. Then they claimed they couldn't be responsible for the mail, I never did get them and I don't think they actually ever sent them.

When I cut my cable TV cord and went full internet TV I was with Cox cable, I was paperless too. Then came the flurry of snail mail begging for me to come back. Eventually it stopped, I guess they finally gave up, lol