Saturday, February 20, 2010

Want to Hear Something Weird?

I've recently found lots of Facebook friends from the old neighborhood. I've also found many friends from high school. Yesterday all of those worlds collided...with my dad.

As most of you know, my dad passed away this past September. Yesterday, one of my friends from the old neighborhood posted the above picture of my mom and dad that she had taken at a birthday party the year before my dad passed.

Last night, I was having dinner with some former classmates and in conversation with one of them I found out she was cousin to the ex-wife of the brother of the classmate who posted the picture. I know that's confusing, but don't put too much thought into it. That's not the weird part.

I called my mom this morning to tell her to check my Facebook page and look at the picture, because it's a great picture. She called me back almost immediately and said, "You know that picture your friend posted? Yesterday, when I was going through some papers I came across the invitation to that very birthday party."

She explained how she read the invitation and almost threw it away, then decided to keep it and put it in her box where she's keeping some dad stuff. Then, I call her the very next morning and send her to my Facebook page to look at a picture taken at the exact same party posted by a girl I haven't had contact with in over thirty years.

Isn't that weird? I think it's weird...and wonderful.


Leiah said...

Nothing is coincidental. John Edward would say that was a sign from him letting y'all know he's around and still taking care of everyone. But I bet you already knew that, didn't you? Love that picture!

Laurie said...

Ah, you know me so well. :)

Gnightgirl said...

I love this. It's a weird, wonderful world, isn't it?

Lorna said...

Slightly weird, mightily emotional