Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This and That

Candied Bacon
I've recently discovered through my blogging friend GnightGirl that there's a delightful delicacy being enjoyed by lots of people who aren't me called candied bacon. Take some thick cut bacon, sprinkle it with brown sugar (and red pepper according to one interesting online recipe) and bake. Step aside boudain balls. There's a new crazy ass snack in town.

Sleeping in my Dreams
I love sleeping in my dreams. It's like getting two nights of sleep for the price of one.

This morning I got a call from a lady asking if I would be attending the NAFA luncheon today. I said, "I don't know what NAFA is." She laughed, apologized and said, "Then, I guess you won't be joining us?" I said, "I guess not. Out of curiosity, what is NAFA?" "It's the National Association of Financial Advisors," she said. Not exactly my cup of tea. Still, I should have asked what they were serving and if I had already paid. I'm not very sharp first thing in the morning, especially after I've been double sleeping.

Almost Hurt Myself at Safety Class...twice
Yesterday, after finishing seven hours of safety training for my new job, I almost fell down the stairs as I was leaving the building. Twice. Two separate staircases. I wonder if that would have voided my newly acquired nifty pifty safety certification.

Churros and lemonade
My newest favorite fast food beverage: Chick-fil-A lemonade
My newest favorite fast food dessert: Jack in the Box Churros

Corolla Phobia
After the most recent Toyota Corolla recall, I feel my heart beating a little faster and find myself gripping my steering wheel a bit tighter when I pass a Corolla. I feel bad for all the nice Corollas that are driving around not hurting anybody, but it only takes one renegade accelerator or jacked up power steering system or non-braking brakes to ruin a perfectly good day. Did I mention I drive a Corolla? Fear me.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to start chasing you around in my Corrolla...I just wish they'd send me a letter that says "Bring the piece of crap back and we'll get you something else"
Baby sis

Gnightgirl said...

One of Brian's best friends is a mechanic, working on all of the Toyota recalls. He can give you a technical explanation of the gas pedal repairs, as if he were being interviewed on CNBC. At MY dinner table, though, he summarizes, "we're throwing a piece of metal under the gas pedal." I have since not let up of accusing him of throwing a few sugar packets under those pedals and calling it good.

Oh, and we call our Bacon Candy "Pig Candy" even though I still screw up and call it Pig Bacon. My mistake is always pointed out to me.

Lorna said...

Everyone fears you my dear---it's not about your Corolla

Barbara said...

Some very amusing observations. I'm sure my children would love the bacon. Sounds something like jerky.