Monday, February 22, 2010

Back to Work!

I finally went back to work today after being unemployed since December 31. Thanks for all your encouraging words.

I will be working outside the legal profession for the first time since 1986. After living in the shadows of refineries my whole life, I am now on the inside. The surroundings are a bit dreary, yet awe inspiring.

Refineries are taken for granted in this neck of the woods and seeing one up close and personal rather than just driving by or seeing the lights at night from a distance is sort of eerie. It all feels so...big.

Thanks to my new employer for having faith in me and for launching me on this new adventure.

Off we go!


Lorna said...

I'm happy for you and excited by proxy.

Jill said...

Change is good. Hope you enjoy your new job.

K- Mo said...

It is literally it's own little world. Once u get pat the alarms and smells it will be better lol