Monday, November 09, 2009

This and That

  • I realized when I was putting my jeans into the washer that I never use my back pockets. Seems like a waste of two perfectly good pockets.

  • On A&E and most of those other "Discovery" channels, before a program is shown which pertains to psychics or ghosts or the supernatural, a disclaimer is shown stating that the views of the program are not necessarily those of A&E or Biography or any of those "Discovery" channels. Why do they feel the need to disclaim all things paranormal? It's not like the programs advocate murder or mayhem or marijuana. It's just ghosts for corn's sake.

  • When my sisters and I were little girls, our mom used to "let" us brush her hair. Notice I said "let" us, like she was doing us a favor by giving us the privilege of brushing her hair. Now, I "let" my grand-fabulous-daughter brush my hair. Trust me, if you ever have the opportunity to trick someone into brushing your hair, do it.

  • I met some friends for dinner tonight at Cheddar's in Port Arthur and had a fabulous waitress named Christina. Christina actually works in the bar, but when she noticed we hadn't been waited on, she went out of her way to make our dining experience pleasant. Amazing waitstaff should be acknowledged and, Christina, this little paragraph is for you. So, everybody, go to Cheddar's in mid-county, ask for Christina and tip her well.

Coming soon: an updated post on the Japanese restaurant by Kroger. It's called Kyoto and I haven't been there since shortly after they opened, but had takeout from there the other night with Cory and Jamie and Ava and it was wonderful. I'll be picking up a menu (and food) again later this week and I'll post the menu here.


Susan in St. Paul said...

I never use my back pockets either because stuff seems to slip out of them and I don't like sitting on things.

They should have disclaimers on violence too!

If you have curly easily tangled hair then letting someone brush it is a serious act of trust.

Wow, Christina sounds exceptional.

Looking forward to your Kyoto review.

Jennifer said...

I LOVE my back pockets!!!!

Laurie said...

Susan, I can't wait for my Kyoto review, too. :)

Jennifer, really? I'm going to have to ask some questions about that.

Grimm said...

All of my back pockets are getting the faded wallet bulge marks on them.

And kudos to you for writing about your excellent service. I think if more of did this and word got around - we would end up getting better service from more people.